Cora Stevens

About Me

Cora Stevens is a student of Lincolnwood Highschool and the CEO of a freelance jewelry business, titled Wire to Attire. This hobby developed as the pandemic struck and forced her indoors, where months of quarantine gave way to a newfound passion that now presents itself as the small business she will continue to pour effort into with the goal of watching it grow beyond the expectations of others.

The restaurant business has taught Cora the life lesson that there is always an excuse to be moving, to be busy, to be dedicating yourself to one task or another. Constant movement ingrained a sense of routine, a valuable thing to acknowledge in the world of business. After school, her desk becomes her studio until dinner, and thereafter her schoolwork is complete and Cora sits to edit her many creative writing projects in hopes they’ll achieve publication one day.  







DISC Characteristics

  • Determined
  • Enthusiastic
  • Outgoing
  • Balanced