Peyton Tester

About Me

Peyton Tester is a senior honor student, varsity athlete and leader at Hillsboro High School. Tester builds relationships with his classmates by being a peer mentor to underclassmen and by advocating for the student body as a fourth year student council member and FFA officer. Peyton also serves the community through volunteer work both locally and abroad. One of the most meaningful volunteer opportunities was when he worked at an orphanage in Mexico. As an eighth grader, Tester took a chance and started his own over-the-road trucking business. Under his leadership, PDT Express has managed risks and overcome adversity while still being profitable. Just this summer, he added to his company by leasing a second truck, obtaining his own commercial driver's license, and hauling grain to Cahokia, Illinois for local farmers. This August, to refine his business focus, Peyton became a member of the Montgomery County CEO Program, where he is currently learning how to utilize the advice and information he acquires from professionals and experts to gain a competitive advantage and expand his company.

About My Business