Brynee Tally

About Me

Brynee Tally, an in vogue student at Hillsboro High School, enjoys taking college course classes where she learns complex thinking skills, teamwork abilities and problem solving methods. Her interest in business became apparent when her dad proposed the idea of being his co-owner for AT trucking. Tally started being active in the company by signing checks and then continued to progress and build her skills and business through work in Excel, Access, Quickbooks and she now also works as part-time dispatcher. As she built a baseline knowledge of financial programs and a business background, she knew that owning her own individual business was in her future plans. Tally’s interest in the CEO program began with an informative conversation with an alumni from the program. Even though she is currently a co-owner of a local business, she plans on venturing out on her own to offer a service based business to the community. Tally is compassionate and enjoys helping others. She hopes to create a successful business which will allow her to continue to make a difference in her community.

About My Business