Alexis Stewart

About Me

As a student in her final year of high school, Alexis Stewart is constantly looking for opportunity. Being an Explorer, 4-H member, and the eldest sibling, Alexis has learned many leadership skills. Alexis has been a part of the Raymond-Harvel Fire Explorers since she was a freshman in high school, and has worked her way up from being the only girl, to being President of the organization. All of the Explorers have to be determined, because the skills used in the firefighting occupation take mental and physical strength. Through trials and errors, Alexis became a leader in the RHFE. She has worked hard to be a valued member of RHFE and has experienced everything from middle of the night calls and car wrecks right after school to the duties of recording and directing meetings. In 4-H she worked hard to move from her position as Secretary to President of her club. Although her leadership skills are strong, her desire is to become a leader in the business world. Through CEO she hopes to learn the skills which will help her run and operate her own business.

About My Business