Joshua Webster

About Me

My name is Josh Webster and I am attending Litchfield High School. I was drawn to CEO because it is not just another classroom setting. CEO teaches us important life skills that we have to use everyday. I was shocked to learn how in depth businesses actually are that myself as a everyday person does not see from the outside looking in. I am excited to start working on a residential and commercial cleaning business within Montgomery County. One thing that I hope I can take away from this class is the ability to interact with people in a professional way while doing business.

My Sponsor is - Melissa Mitchelar. Melissa is a stylist working at Making Waves hair salon at 403 west Corwin street in Litchfield. She's been a stylist for more than 11yrs, and is always confident she can understand what it is that you want, and give it to you without fail. Call the salon at 217-324-2560 for an appointment and request Melissa Mitchelar, but also feel free to make your appointment via text to her personal phone 217-370-9034. Come experience beautiful hair in an easy environment!

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