Jake Fleming and Wes Spears spoke with CEO about the business of title research and being an escrow agent that brokers the relationship between a property buyer and the multitude of interested parties.

Jake explained that a title company assists the legal and accurate sale of a property related to the property's deed and ensuring a clear title. For example, a title company conveys to the buyer after a thorough research that there are no liens against the property. Wes discussed possible liens might include tax liens, easements, zoning issues, and even party wall agreements (a shared wall between two buildings) that can complicate the sale of a property.

Once the title is cleared and the purchase moves forward, Jake, the Escrow agent, holds funds to distribute to those involved in the sale of the property which may include a mortgage lender (bank), the county recorder, realtors, an appraiser, inspectors, and earnest money for the seller. The final caveat is to review the closing disclosure agreement with the buyer and seller so that everything related to the transfer of ownership is clearly stated and agreed upon.

Thanks Jake and Wes for reviewing the finer details of title work with CEO!

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