Amanda Payne specializes in the Patient Experience at the Hillsboro Area Hospital. She spoke with our team regarding the hospital's latest protocols to address the CoronaVirus pandemic and how the Shelter in Place has impacted the hospital's operational strategies.

“The workday requires more PP [personal protective] equipment and additional screening, which not only protects [our staff] but also our patients. It's more difficult [to prepare for work]," but, "it also shows how prepared we were for the pandemic. We had people working on 'just in case' preparations as early as January."

Team members asked about the impact the pandemic has had on welcoming visitors, operating the daycare, childcare challenges for staff who have children home from school, and challenges related to the turnaround time for testing in case someone might have COVID-19. Amanda was a helpful resource of information on the "front lines" and shared the simple reality that, "we just have to be prepared." There's no certainty in life or is the ability to navigate the uncertainties that makes all the difference.

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