Team members listened to Kyle MacDonald's story of trading a paperclip for a house. Kyle learned about a game called "Bigger or Better" in which a person starts with something small and then trades it for something bigger or better.

Kyle traded a paperclip for a pen, a pen for a door knob, a door knob for an old camp stove, a camp stove for a small generator...eventually Kyle was trading a truck for a recording contract and within a few more trades Kyle traded for a house (watch the video).

Our team discussed the possibilities of trading products and services as a result of identifying people's needs and wants and brokering the right experiences, products, and services for people in their moment of need. For example, a paperclip isn't very exciting or expensive...unless you used your last one and your coworker wants your pen as a trade for a paperclip.

In light of the CoronaVirus crisis, our team discussed opportunities that might invite people into an experience even from afar. While their personal business endeavors are on hold...there might still be an opportunity in all of this (even if it comes from a simple paperclip). Stay tuned!

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