Alumni, Logan Altenberger, set up a tour with April VanDyke, a supervisor for several McDonald's restaurants in the area. She gave CEO a tour of their Hillsboro location and discussed how she manages the "fast" in fast food while maintaining quality and excellent customer service.

"I started out at 17 working at the McDonald's in Carlinville. I didn't plan on making it a career, but [as opportunities presented themselves] I kept taking on the next promotion." The key was, "I learned to be helpful to new managers." By being reliable and calm under pressure managers relied on April until she was made a manager and eventually a supervisor over several stores.

"The key, I think, is working with great employees." In order to create a culture of great employees, "is to listen well. You get respect and buy-in when you treat people like they matter." April talked about the relationship she builds with her team by acknowledging them by name every time she enters a restaurant, which models her expectations for them in relationship to their customers. After all, "fast service doesn't have to sacrifice friendliness."

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