Heather Hampton+Knodle visited CEO to discuss communications. "If you're going to communicate effectively, you have to understand someone's motivation." Heather used examples of her experiences working with others when wanting to partner for both parties to gain in the venture. "But," she stressed, "it cannot be all about you." She explained that a partnership is mutually beneficial, and "once you know where another person's benefit aligns with yours," you're in business.

After identifying each parties motivation, communicating requires an awareness of shared values, an organized strategy for maintaining open communication and follow up, and persistence. "Don't put it off if you need to follow up sooner than later."

The team reflected on opportunities throughout the class business experience where communication was crucial. Giving volunteers ample information prior to arriving, following up with sponsors to ensure their business is promoted effectively, and conveying event details to patrons leading up to and through the event were some of the examples shared.

"Prioritizing your communications so that it is timely [for both you and the other person]," Heather concluded, "means you are acknowledging those people [with whom you are doing business]. And everyone loves to be acknowledged."

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