Hillsboro High School Speaker Series: Billy Williams, CTI. Billy and his business partner, Adam Voyles, have opened their Hillsboro office to CEO. First, a tour, next semester as a host business, and Billy also volunteered to be one of the first speakers for our Friday Speaker Series at Hillsboro High School.

The speaker series is an extension of CEO's experiential learning. The speakers are organized by our alumni, Logan Altenberger, who values his experience and hopes to encourage more young people to participate.

Billy related his success to the students who attended. "Adam and I were not much older than you when we started CTI. Shortly after high school I worked at the electronics counter at Walmart, while Adam worked for computer chips technology center, [a company] I desperately wanted to work for.”

Billy got his wish. But while there he and Adam decided they could start their own business rather than working for someone else. "I had never been introduced to entrepreneurship," Billy explained, "for me, business was always for rich people." But after a small family loan and a lot of door to door sales, CTI grew from a startup company to a multi-million dollar fiber internet company.

Billy explained that the learning curve was steep but that the journey has been worth it. The best business is the business in demand, "and," Billy concluded, "we've been lucky to be in a business that has always been in demand."

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