Kim Lipe with Fit Bodies 4 Life spoke to CEO about starting her business and growing a niche market in Montgomery County. Kim started her business a few years ago after revitalizing her life with the determination and success to be healthy.

Her first opportunity was to start a few exercise classes out of her home. The classes were so well received that Kim created a 12-week online course which sold over 150 orders in the first month. From there she created an online membership that has created revenue surpassing her exercise classes. Kim's business is unique in its approach to specialize her training and coaching toward her clients' individual needs; what she develops from their personal, avatar worksheet.

The team zeroed in on business concepts from Kim's experience with social media marketing, omni-channel revenue streams, personal attention to her clients' needs, and incremental growth by reinvesting profits back into her business - all the principles that will go into their class business planning and developing their personal businesses.

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