CEO welcomed attorney, Erik Hyam, with Silver Lake Group LTD., to discuss his law practice and life experiences. Erik shared his path into law that included selling franchises for Hyatt Hotels. After getting his law degree he worked as an assistant states attorney for Cook County, and then returned home with his family where he ran for State's Attorney in 2016. Erik was then hired on at the Silver Lake Group LTD.

Erik explained a few key insights for the team. "My job is to add value and help my client any way I can. The old adage is true, 'Lawyers help you solve problems you never knew you had in ways you never knew existed,'" which, he concluded, is true of any successful business.

Ultimately, Erik implored the team to value their growing network of professional relationships. "Make every connection an important one so you can create a network of people. Especially in small towns, your success is directly related to he success of others."

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