CEO toured Westside Cinema with owner, Steve Dougherty. Steve emphasized a singular takeaway for the team: "Every thing, and I mean everything you do is an opportunity."

Steve shared his personal story as a stock boy who worked hard and was given the opportunity to be in management when he was only seventeen years old. He made the most of that opportunity and became assistant manager at nineteen. The next opportunity came when Steve became the youngest store manager in the company at twenty-one.

The team asked Steve how he went from managing stores to owning his own theater. "That was another opportunity." His management experience in the company prepared him for the opportunity to plan, build, and manage the operations of growth of the Litchfield Cinema.

Steve explained how the cinema business has changed ten fold since he first built the theater. "We use to have carbon reels and now everything is digital. We use to sell tickets like looked like 50/50 raffle tickets but now people buy digital tickets online." The conversation led the team to inquire about the expenses to cover new technologies and replacement costs. Steve offered several examples and his thought process for each situation, but in the end he reminded the team that business is always about passion and personal investment. Quite simply, "I love business. I love the challenges. I love the opportunities."

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