CEO toured CTI with owners Billy Williams and Adam Vocks and Hillsboro Manager Dustin Johnson. Billy and Adam shared their story as a start up business that, as Billy put it, "we started when we were about your age." The two went into business together the year after they graduated high school and have grown their business exponentially.

What started out as Computer Techniques Inc. with an emphasis on computer repairs, eventually branched out into wireless wifi. "It was a low barrier entry for us. Set up wireless points and sign up customers nearby to use it." But they also explained that it was difficult to maintain a high reliability for their customers.

The big investment came when they decided to get into fiber. "We went into one neighborhood with hopes of getting 1 in 3 of the neighborhood to sign up as new customers." They garnished only 1 in 10.

"But," Billy explained, "we learned a lot from that experience." Namely, the customers were not well informed about the potential for fiber and its reliability. It was a foreign concept. The two invested more time into educating future customers and refining their installation and marketing strategies which has paid off in a fiber service that has grown beyond Taylorville into Nokomis and Hillsboro and future surrounding communities.

The team saw first hand how the technology works and how it benefits local communities, especially the potential for local businesses.

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