CEO toured Animal Medical Center with Eric and Dr. Colleen Helgen. Dr. Helgen explained her journey through veterinary school, which, "didn't teach us how to run a business." So, when they bought the practice a few years ago, Colleen shared, "there was a learning curve to running a business."

She explained that her partnership with her husband, Eric, allows her to run the operations of the Medical Center while he manages the finances. And, like every partnership there are strategies to negotiate. "Like inventory," Eric offered. "I want less inventory to manage expenses while [Colleen] would prefer to have more on hand." Eric elaborated on the balance between expensive medicines with a limited shelf life, while having enough medicine and supplies on hand to effectively meet their clients' needs.

Dr. Helgen and Eric offered some keen advise for the young entrepreneurs to keep in mind. "If you're going to be successful you need to know the right people." Dr. Helgen mentioned her mentor who helps her navigate patient care and costs. She also praised their staff. "I have to be able to rely on my staff. They have to explain costs and care at times when I am seeing other patients. I'm thankful that we have such good people working for us."

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