CEO visited Financial Services of America with Bill Bailey. Bill discussed leadership and success in business as, "accepting the personal challenge of overcoming adversity." He explained that a successful business is built on the ability of seeing a problem as an opportunity. Create solutions for the problem, "then adapt and improve those solutions until other people who need and want those solutions are willing to buy it from you."

Bill shared examples of adapting his business ventures over the past five decades. "When I was graduating college a computer took up a whole room and the programming code was on a punch card. Today you hear experts say, 'AI and robotics will replace jobs.' They've been saying that for 50 years. If you're able to adapt with technology then your job opportunities grow because you are the one utilizing AI and robotics," not getting replaced by it.

Bill offered many helpful tips for starting their future businesses. "Run a moral business...create multiple streams of balanced and informative articles to stay in the know...and run a recession proof business. There are plenty of jobs out there that look good at first but won't survive hard times."

Thanks, Bill, for your investment and insight!

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