The CEO team met at the courthouse today with Sandy Leitheiser (County Clerk), Nikki Lohman (County Treasurer), and Evan Young (Chair of the County Board).

Sandy gave a tour of the old courthouse and explained the process for acquiring a DBA. “My office files property records, wedding licenses, and birth certificates as well as voting registration. We also file businesses’ DBA’s (Doing Business As) to ensure business names are legitimized through public records and aren’t duplicated in the county.”

Nikki Lohman explained the county budget and how the Treasurer’s office works with the assessment office and the County Clerk to ensure property taxes are received and on file correctly. “We also manage the daily deposits, expenditure vouchers, and report the county budget to the county board. There are several checks and balances to ensure we manage county funds appropriately.”

Evan Young continued, “the board manages and oversees the budget so that every county expense is accounted for. We want our funds to be best utilized to serve our county.”

The team learned in greater detail how successful businesses work hand in hand with county departments and tax bodies. Team members walked through the DBA filing process in detail to ensure their future businesses get started on the right foot.

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