The team toured Pioneer with Tony Herman, plant manager, Dennis and Andy (agronomists), Kevin Clarke (production planning manager), and Steve Hicks (production supervisor).

Dennis explained that researching and designing seed products is a lot like designing and selling any product. “If you want a better Nike shoe Nike needs to research and develop better shoes. The process takes time. When we design a new seed we start small to test it and then grow it for production. It could be a five year investment by the time the final product gets to the farmer.”

Tony emphasized safety and quality before quantity. “Pioneer is the second recognizable brand in agriculture because of its quality. If we practice safety and emphasize quality we will continue to create demand.”

The tour connected the operational strategies inherent in a successful business. From shipping to receiving, to storage and safety, to design and sales and building your brand, touring Pioneer touched several key components to creating a quality product or service!

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