CEO toured a property for sale at 617 W. Fairground Ave in HIllsboro with Brandi Lentz and Lori Weiss of MCR Realty Professionals. The tour allowed the team to see first hand how a realtor meets a prospective buyer and shows a home.

Brandi shared how she came to own her own business and now operates two realty offices in the county. “It is important to network and invest in a small town. We work with local banks and know local contractors to ensure our clients get the best information and experience when buying or selling their home with us.”

Lori explained the hard work invested in following up with clients and seeing a sale thorough to the end. “It can be a 24/7 job where you get a call to view a house on a weekend, evening, or even Christmas Eve. If someone is visiting for the holidays and is thinking about moving back to the area you meet them whenever they are available.”

Along with customer service Brandi explained that selling a house requires a thorough understanding of the sellers interests and the property value. “My agents have to explain a house’s value as well as its age and details. Are the windows new? How many years old are the shingles? Are the outlets in the kitchen GFI outlets?” In the end, Brandi and Lori explained, selling a house is as much selling yourself and your integrity as it is the home. “If you do it well they will share the experience with others. Our best marketing is word of mouth” and a great reputation!

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