About Us

What People Say About Montgomery CEO

Montgomery CEO Program Goals:

  • Provide opportunities for students to be engaged,curious and ready to learn.
  • Cultivate empowered students who succeed in college and in life.
  • Create lifelong learners and community leaders.
  • Build a peer-advisor community of creative and enterprising problem-solvers.
  • Develop a powerful mentoring network of local business leaders.
  • Provide real-life experience for students
  • Inspire and encourage young people to return to their community to live, work, raise families and start businesses.

Where You Come In:

Be an Investor 
The Montgomery CEO program will be run in partnership with-but independently from Montgomery schools. All program expenses, including the instructor, class materials and transportation, will be paid by private donors. We are seeking 60 investors to commit $1,000 a year for a minimum of three years.

Be a Friend of CEO
Friends of CEO direct their donations of any amount and at any time to support student needs.

Be a Tour Stop 
You know that the ins and outs of running a business cannot be taught from a textbook. Invite the CEO class into your organization to see what it is really like to take risks, capitalize on opportunities and analyze results.

Be a Host Site 
For periods of two to four weeks. During that time the CEO students and their instructor will meet at your site on each school day that they do not have a tour scheduled. Hosting requires a conference room with space to accommodate 20-30 people with internet access.

Be a Guest Speakers 
We are looking for practitioners to share real-life stories about the concepts of running a business, from strategic thinking and product development to marketing and cash flow management.

Be a Mentor 
We need business and community leaders who can connect with the next generation and provide inspiration, motivation and advice.

Be All the Above 
You need not limit yourself to one role listed above. These opportunities are best combined for the greatest rewards to participants.