Our team toured Hayes Abrasives with David Hayes. David moved to the States from Dublin, Ireland and left his present company to start his own company. “I thought I could make abrasion wheels better.” So after some designs of his own he found the most affordable location to build and begin his business - Hayes Abrasives, in HIllsboro IL.

“Not a lot of people know we are an international business right here in Hillsboro.” When a team member asked how he started his business from the ground floor, David explained, “I wrote a business plan and went into a bank and said something as simple as, ‘Hi, my name is David Hayes and I have a great idea.’ You have to show your as confident in yourself as you are your product.”

David shared that his success had come from being one of the few companies that created a durable abrasion wheel that is also thinner than the competition. “The thinner the wheel the more our customer saves of the precious metals they are trying to cut.”

It was a perfectly timed tour as the team reviews their business plans and begin their personal businesses. They, too, will want to project confidence in themselves as well as their products and services. One question lingered and was finally asked, “why don’t you retire?” To which David replies, “I retired in 1987 when I stopped working for someone else and started working for myself. It’s not work if you love what you do.”

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