Nancy Hyam and Jane Martin offered CEO a tour of their hotel, Litchfield Holiday Inn Express. Nancy and Jane explained the building project four years ago and their involvement in the layout and design which includes 79 rooms, a complete fitness center, breakfast buffet area, large meeting room, and a salt water swimming pool.

Team members learned that in order to start a business you have to make a personal investment. Nancy and Jane shared about their investment in the Holiday Inn franchise and their ongoing investment in maintenance and updates. "Holiday Inn has high standards for their hotel owners," which include everything from the thread count for their sheets, room accessibility, express offerings like the fitness room and breakfast buffet.

The team also learned from Jane and Nancy how to minimize expenses while maximizing profits. Nancy and Jane are hands on owner-operators with an office on site to manage the bookkeeping and address hotel issues personally. They know their staff well and believe that good staff are a long-term investment. For example, they rely heavily on their hotel manager, Chris Makler, who started with them right out of high school. Jane explained, "Our parents started our family in the motel business...Some people make the hotel business a part of their investment portfolio. We've made it our life's work."

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