Board members, Heather Hampton+Knodle and Valerie Belusko, visited CEO to review marketing strategies for the team members' personal businesses.

Heather reviewed their flyers, slogans, and logos. She brought examples of business cards and discussed font sizes and logo placements. She also emphasized simplifying word usage and refining sentences to draw more attention to one's businesses rather than losing a customer in lengthy or confusing descriptions.

Valerie offered tips for taking quality pictures of products for sales flyers. She showed how to use and create a DIY shadow box to enhance a product image picture. Valerie also illustrated how to use indirect lighting to keep the glare off the products while making them stand out for the customer on flyers or social media.

Mark your calendars for this year's Marketplace, Tuesday, May 7th, 5-7pm at Aumann Auctions in Nokomis!

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