2022 Capstone Tour

On Tuesday, May 10th the current CEOs and the incoming CEOs had the opportunity to attend the 2022 Capstone Tour coordinated by our Chairwoman Heather Hampton-Knodle. With the help of our supporters from Hillsboro Area Hospital, Diane Clark and Rex Brown for providing and coordinating our transportation needs.

Our first stop on our tour was at BioSTL in The Cortex Innovation Community. Our hosts Justin Raymundo and Ben Johnson started off with a brief history of BioSTL and The Cortex. They escorted us through the once printing shop of the Post Dispatch building. Showing us the various levels and shared work space stations that they host. BioSTL currently has 65 companies sharing the space.

The Cortex Innovation Community tour hosted by Justin Raymundo and Gilberto. Gilberto went into great detail about the planning and development of this area and how they were strategic in their location in conjunction with the airport, public transit and the University. The CEO team enjoyed seeing how the advancement of the work environment can breed creativity.

AltonWorks hosted by Mark Carlie
The Core purpose of AltonWorks is to catalyze the movement to revitalize downtown Alton. John and Jayne Simmons launched the social impact company in May of 2019. A $125 million downtown revitalization that included pedestrian-friendly landscapes, rooftop and riverfront development, and renovations of the city’s long-abandoned landmarks. Mark engaged our CEOs in conversation on what we would want in our community. What attracts young professionals to come back to an area?

McPike Mansion in Alton. Sharyn is the sole proprietor and owner of the property. As our tour guide Sharyn gave us the history of the mansion when occupied by Henry Guest McPike. We followed her down to the properties wine cellar to speak to the spirits and to welcome them to visit us. Sharyn enjoys her job but worries who will take over the tour business when her and her husband retire.

Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC hosted by Kevin Carlie
The team continued to learn more about the philanthropy work of John and Jayne Simmons through their small garage start law firm to the practice it is today. Being the leader in the representation of the Mesothelioma lawsuits in the country.
Kevin shared his personal history in the field of accounting and his transition to managing the Simmons’ Family Office. Alongside Kevin is Tamara, who is an intricate part of the team. She is dedicated to the mission and vision of the Simmons family. They value their employees and continue to show them in various ways that it couldn't be done without the team.
Kevin has a list of 25 Lessons: Our top three were….
Do the right thing!!!
Have Fun
Think Forward. Work hard today!
We finished the day in Alton with a refreshment and a beautiful rooftop view of Alton and the river. On our return to Hillsboro Hospital we visited with Diane Clark of HAH and gave her some of the highlights of our day. We thanked her and Rex Brown for the transportation gift and headed home from a long hot day.

Thank you to all of our hosts and supporters of this tour. Our guest speakers and hosts raised the bar in knowledge and civic duty opportunities.

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