The 6 P's of Marketing; traditionally the 5 P's. Elaan helped add another P to consider when marketing; Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Packaging and People(6th). Colleen from CreekStone Kettle Works shared with us how her target business was to be supply wholesalers, fundraisers and events with her gourmet popcorn, but as customers asked for different things she found her business selling from a store front and now shipping orders from their warehouse. The history of popcorn in Colleen's life goes back to childhood. What she found for her niche market was that Popcorn was going to be her "blank slate you can paint on" paint being popcorn flavors. Colleen and her husband David have a very involved role in the business and divide duties amongst themselves while trying to juggle their family/home life. Running a business becomes a family affair.

There are many challenges that face small business today and getting into the food handling business requires extra loop holes and challenges to consider. Making sure you follow these guidelines will help you avoid any potential problems.

Colleen attributes her success to "Word of Mouth" advertising. "It can make you or break you" said Colleen Weir.

As a special treat our team was able to participate in making our own batch of kettle corn to take as a treat. Thanks to Luke and Kaden who showed us their own personal skills that they learned while they worked at CreekStone Kettle Works.

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