"You have to be confident enough to be courageous in the right moments." - Brian McNamee, Vice-President Amgen, Advisor on company transformation, C suite coach, public education advocate and youth mentor.

CEO takes a back seat during a national crisis in which businesses and schools are closing for the immediate future and people are encouraged (in some parts of the nation, even mandated) to stay home and not gather in groups of 50, 30, now 10 or more. We completed our class business with a crowd of 300+ people February 29th, little more than two weeks ago, and are now presented with a national quarantine.

Our team is acutely aware of the global crisis. While on a much smaller scale, the impact is still very personal. Their schools are closed, their sports are canceled, and their senior year activities are in question. They are laid off from their part-time jobs, and the success of their personal business is in doubt. It's nothing close to what so many businesses and families are facing, but it's enough to know that the crisis is very real and very serious.

So, with all that in mind, our team will still meet. Every morning we will get up, prepare professionally, and enter our virtual meeting room on Zoom. For now, it's not for a grade, it's not to reflect on sales, and it's not to plan future visits to local businesses. It's simply to see familiar faces and discuss what is a prevailing spirit about CEO - we are able to be activators not victims. We are able to find sanctuary in our inner circles, which inspire us to offer the best solutions, even if simply in our immediate relationships, in the worst of circumstances.

Our virtual meeting had a familiar tone - students from four high schools have become friends, team members, and share a unique experience together. Familiar faces on the computer screen invited a few friendly jokes that - if for a moment - restored some semblance of normal. We shared some honest questions about the global crisis, discussed personal losses in the aftermath, and also considered our next steps as a team and for their personal success in the program. But most importantly, we discussed how to be confident enough to be courageous in the right moments.

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