“Hard work isn’t bad if you’re working toward a vision and with a passion.” That was Matt’s advice to the 30+ who attended the Friday Business Speaker Series at HIllsboro High School.

Matt and Alora Chandler, owners and operators of Sweet Addictions and Street Eats in Hillsboro, discussed their love of food, cooking (Matt’s passion), Baking (Alora’s passion), and running a business that fed their passions.

“We worked at restaurants, we worked for family, but we decided we wanted to try something different and work for ourselves,” Alora explained.

Matt told the young people that running a business requires three things: passion, setting goals, and hard work to achieve the goals that live out your dreams.

One of the hardest challenges? “We did it debt free. We bought a used trailer, used equipment, did a lot of the work ourselves, and it was hard sometimes,” Alora shared. “It would have been easy to get loans and credit cards and buy all new machines but we stuck to our plan [to do it debt free], and today, where do you think all the profits go? [They go] into our pockets.”

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