Heather Hampton+Knodle invited the team to learn about business at her office for Knodle Ltd in Witt. Heather explained the first considerations when starting a business with examples from her own experiences.

Heather started with the understanding, to be successful you have to "say yes to opportunities." Every interaction, every moment, every situation invites each person to decide to engage or walk away. Choosing to say no is easy, but it also limits the possibilities.

Heather also explained the nuances to maintaining a successful business. "You need to be cost competitive." Having a great product and pricing it competitively can be a challenge, especially when considering input costs including labor. "You will want to pay yourself. It may not be much to start but your time is valuable."

Heather concluded, "And be sure to say thank you. It's not only polite, but it builds relationships." She shared about an opportunity of hers that was a life changing experience. "It only happened because I thanked [the presenter] for his presentation." It made such an impression that he later followed up with Heather to be a part of something even bigger.

The team finished the morning with an illustration on grain sales. Heather had demonstrated the object lesson with the COC breakfast recently, but the team had to leave for their respective schools. The illustration came full circle - making money isn't simply about a few steps, but a multitude of factors and making the best decisions to anticipate and react to those factors to be profitable.

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