Thank you to our Board Members, Investors, and Friends of CEO for making this year another success: This year's team experienced 119 speakers, visited 49 businesses, profited $11,718 in team business profits (Fair Market Value Challenge, Name Badge Marketing, and MoCo's Got Talent), with individual businesses gross sales at $11,930 to date.

More than the numbers, the team shared with the board how CEO has transformed them into young professionals:

"CEO has taught us experience and knowledge; I didn’t know half the businesses we visited even existed.”

“It’s so different from anything else you experience in high school; life skills, behind the scenes with businesses and their backstories.”

“CEO brought me come out of my comfort zone. Most of my friends know I’m talkative, but I’m very shy in groups I don't know. Now I readily talk to people and am more professional.”

"It is outside of a school environment where we were treated like adults."

“It’s completely different than school - how to make money rather than 'solve for X.' Most activities in school involve hand holding, but in CEO it’s on us. We have to figure things out for ourselves.”

“I grew as a person and as a group - we all got a lot closer, having been put under pressure and holding each other accountable, we learned to help each other out. If we threw each other under the bus we learned that it hurt all of us.”

“It’s not where you remember something and forget it the next day. [CEO] stays with you.”

“We already know how to learn, what we do in school; but we don’t know how to apply what we learn - that’s what CEO offers.”

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