CEO toured Ronk Electrical Industries with Charlie O'Malley. Ronk was started in the 1950's by Leroy Ronk who developed a single phase to three phase converter. In simple terms, it offered customers a simpler and less expensive option for operating equipment that required three phase electricity without running three phase electricity directly to their farm or warehouse (what are usually set up on single phase electricity).

Nearly 70 years later Ronk has expanded and diversified its product line to meet the growing demands of technological advancements. "The demand for three phase converters is still out there but it's not what it once we have 3 engineers on staff to develop new products that are in line with the electrical needs of our customers," Charlie explained.

The team asked questions related to starting their own businesses including the percentage of costs inherent in Ronk's operations vs. shipping, their R&D expenses in relationships to their revenue from legacy products such as the three phase converter, and how to know when to focus more effort in expansion or refinement.

It became evident this tour that the team has transformed from students into professionals. It happens every year - and yet it is always remarkable. They ask deeper mining questions and make the connection to their personal and professional development more quickly.

Thanks, Charlie, for another value-added tour!

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