Montgomery CEO toured Hiller Heating and Cooling with Robbie Shipman. Robbie gave some excellent advice for starting their businesses. “Success is about likability and being trustworthy. People trust me to do what I say I’m going to do for them in the time I say I’m going to do it.”

Robbie also discussed having options. “Offer customers good, better, and best. Some options are good options because they are more economic while some come with better warranties or routine maintenance plans. Customers like to know their options.”

In touring the work area Robbie covered the various risks inherent with running equipment as well as the different machines and the versatility they afford in creating revenue. One example was his plasma metal cutter. “I bought it for a job that fell through and then it became a financial burden...until I started using it for custom items at customers request. It took me some time to learn the software but it has paid for itself and then some.”

Robbie is 5th generation metal worker. The picture with two men and a tool box are of the great grandpa and great-great grandpa whose boss drove them to work sites in a Model T and then they walked home at the end of their shift. “We have trucks now that are stocked with tools and supplies, but they simply had their tool box. That’s what they took to do a day’s work back then.” The team is building their toolbox, as well. Thanks Robbie!

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