Earlene Blackburn Robinson and Ashley Dunn with the Illinois Department of Revenue spoke with CEO about how a small business files and pays taxes with the state.

The team revisited in detail the growing discussion of legalizing their personal businesses appropriately. “You need to decide how to structure your business, register your business, and then file and pay your income taxes and sales tax,” Earlene began.

Earlene and Ashley paused frequently to review filing procedures, the differences between sales tax and usage tax, percentages of sales tax by location, the difference between in state sales tax and interstate commerce, and what happens if a business fails to pay their taxes on time.

In the end, the team was made aware of what is certain in life: death and taxes. Earlene concluded, “Get your certificate and pay your taxes.” Yes, one might postpone death but one cannot put off paying taxes. Thanks Earlene!

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