Tonya Flannery, Director of Economic Development for the city of Litchfield, welcomed CEO to meet with the mayor, city superintendents, Fire chief and police chief to learn how local government and small businesses work together to build a community.

“We work with customer care every day when we interact with city members who need assistance with their water bill, finding a city department, or finding answers to questions,” explained Carol Burke, City Clerk.

One by one each department head presented to the team about their responsibilities and how local agencies help residents and businesses work in harmony.

Police chief Lee Jarmen explained, “I can come into a business to help it assess its security needs and risks.” Mayor Dougherty also elaborated on an example from Dave Crocks, Street Superintendent, “we need our street department to keep up on the roads for residents and businesses to keep our community moving.”

Tonya shared a graph that highlighted a radius around Litchfield as a central location in the Midwest, “when businesses are looking for a place to locate they want to know their trucks can get back and forth in a 500 to 1000 mile radius. We provide that. We work very hard to be more than a community on the highway.”

The team learned more today about our county’s capacity to grow. Tonya concludes, “Litchfield’s vision is to offer small town values that still compete with big business aspirations.”

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