The CEO Community continues to grow as the first year team enters what would be their spring semester of their junior year at college while this year's team (our 4th class) enters their biggest challenge of pulling off their class business and starting their personal businesses.

Alumni advice to this year's team include...

"Stick with it. [The class business] teaches you so much about working with others and meeting deadlines. You hate it now, but it will teach you so much about yourself and what is possible."

"Don't work in your own world, though. Learn to collaborate [in the class business]. Everything you do after high school is about working with others."

"You will take what you learn in CEO with you everywhere. It has given me the courage to apply for [and get] scholarships and has opened up possibilities I would have never considered beforehand. I use to be shy and unsure and now, I'm still not the most outgoing, but I engage people and feel confident about myself."

"It got me my job. I didn't know anything [about the business] but my boss asked me about CEO and after 45 minutes of talking about my personal business and what it takes to be successful today...he called me back the next day and offered me the job."

Thank you to our board, Investors, mentors, and friends who continue to invest in our future business owners and professionals through CEO!

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