Team Member Highlights this week: Aubry Rupert, Chris Satterlee, and Sarah Schoenherr...

Aubry Rupert is a hard working senior, student athlete at Hillsboro High School. She is involved in many extracurricular activities including basketball, soccer, FFA, FCA, and volunteers at the Montgomery County Cancer Association. Sports have taught Aubry hardwork and dedication as she strives to make her 1000th career point as a Hilltopper this year. She joined CEO to help improve her communication skills which will help with her in her future dream job of being a conservation officer.

Chris Satterlee is a senior at Litchfield High School. He joined CEO to improve his social skills and to become a better public speaker. Chris was also drawn to the opportunity to learn concepts and skills not typically found in the high school classroom. Meeting professionals in the county will help Chris develop his confidence and social network for future opportunities. His idea of entrepreneurship is to learn how to be self-sufficient and find success by building his own business.

Sarah Schoenherr is a hardworking senior at Lincolnwood High School. She enjoys Scholastic Bowl and loves to draw. She also does a lot of volunteering for her church because she loves working with children. Sarah wants to improve her community one child at a time. Sarah joined CEO because it is a great challenge and there are continuous opportunities to meet local professionals and learn more about the inner workings of business and community resources.

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