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Hiller Sheet Metal

with Denny Hiller and Robbie Shipman

Hiller Sheet Metal is an example of how a small business adapts to stay relevant as times change. Denny Hiller explained how the business began as a metal fabrication shop in 1938 as an offshoot from the blacksmith trade. Sheet metalists specialized in metal gutters, candle lanterns, and worked with lighter metals than those of a blacksmith. Since then the family business has adapted and grown their heating and cooling business as well as their specialized metal work. Robbie Shipman showed, for example, how their metal fabrications and plasma cutter offer additional revenue streams to customers looking for metal artwork, home decor, or commercial signage.

MoCo Entertainment Presents

A Night in New York!

A Night in New York  is Saturday, March 3 at the KC Hall in Hillsboro, and will be an evening of big city laughs in small town America! Tickets are $20 a person or $60 for four (a $20 savings!) and are available from any CEO team members or at the door. Raffle tickets are also $10 for a chance to win a brand new "urban transporation device" (aka. scooter) or one of a number of other door prizes. The event will include SNL skits with our most outrageous friends and community leaders as well as local talent and entertainment.

Marcoot's Jersey Creamery

with Amy Marcoot

CEO visited Amy Marcoot and Marcoot Jersey Creamery in Greenville last week. Amy shared that her parent’s dairy farm wasn’t big enough to support their daughters' careers as well unless they came up with a new business concept for their dairy farm. The two daughters, Amy and Beth, with the help of a few groundfloor team members, developed a new business model and purchased equipment to make cheese. Amy discussed the challenges for the business which included the immediate transition from milk to cheese on account of the dairy coop’s no compete clause. "It was trial by fire." The cheese business simultaneously cost more in capital without a single customer to start. Amy explained the process and long days investing in supplemental income as well going throughout the surrounding communities to create and grow a whole new customer base.

The company is growing and their cheese is making a name for itself in grocery stores and restaurants throughout the midwest. With their early success Amy shared how they have managed to invest in robotic milking machines and test a new product from the byproduct of making cheese. Namely, the whey found in protein shakes comes from the process of making cheese. Marcoot's collects the whey, what was otherwise thrown away, and mixes it with crushed fruit to offer a healthy alternative to ice cream - delicious! 

Touring Osborn+Barr

with Erin Barr

CEO visited Osborn+Barr in St. Louis, a leader in agricultural marketing. The unique architecture and variety of rooms and working stations caught the attention of our young entrepreneurs. Erin Barr explained, “the wall of doors has 160 doors in it and represents our open doors to our customers.” Customers appreciate Osborn+Barr’s commitment, versatility, and creativity. For example, Erin shared that O+B recently worked with Marriott to rebrand their St. Louis hotel with more midwest appeal.

James O’Brien, Bree Gilman, and Erin took time to discuss CEO’s class business and marketing strategies. The experts helped the team understand the value and advantages of traditional marketing mediums such as radio and newspaper while utilizing and boosting social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Alumni Day!

with our 1st and 2nd year alumni

Alumni from the first two years of Montgomery CEO joined this year’s team last Friday. After a few opening stories from the past few years the discussion carried over to the class business. Alumni shared their selling tips as well as their hurdles that were all too familiar to this year’s team. While most business startups have closed their doors, some alumni shared about their ongoing success and the opportunity CEO afforded them to start their business.

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